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The creation of the Warsaw Center for Complexity and Conflict study is a natural continuation of ongoing collaboration in reserch, therory building and teaching between a team of conflict scholars and practitioners from the International Center for Cooperation and Conflict Resolution at Teachers College, Columbia University represented by Professor Peter T. Coleman and social psychologists as well as computer scientists from the SPIK department (Social Psychology of Informatics and Communication) represented by profesor Andrzej Nowak and Lan Bui-Wrzosińska at the Warsaw School for Social Psychology.

In October 2006, The Warsaw School of Social Psychology in Warsaw (SWPS), Rektor, Professor Andrzej Eliasz has contracted with the President of Teachers College, Columbia University, Arthur Levine and the Director of the International Center for Cooperation and Conflict Resolution (ICCCR), Peter Coleman, to open a sister center of the ICCCR in Warsaw. The new center, The International Center for Complexity and Conflict (ICCC), is directed by Andrzej Nowak and co-directed by Lan Bui-Wrzosinska. Together, the ICCCR and the ICCC have initiate common research projects, student exchanges, visits and exchanges of faculty, training and practical initiatives, joint applications for funding, as well as the implementation of several international initiatives and events in Warsaw.