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Mc Donnell Grant

In September, 2006 Peter T. Coleman, Andrzej Nowak, Robin Vallacher and Larry S.Liebovitch received a 3-year grant from the James S. McDonnell Foundation to develop a theory of enduring conflicts from the perspective of complex systems. The project applies the principles and methods of dynamical systems theory to what is arguably the most complex and dynamic of all social phenomena: protracted social conflict. Such conflicts are quite common and can undermine the security and well being of societies worldwide. The project will be implemented by a core multidisciplinary research team consisting of 1) a specialist in the study of intractable conflict (Peter T. Coleman); 2) two social psychologists with expertise in the application of dynamical systems to cognitive, interpersonal, group, and societal phenomena (Andrzej Nowak and Robin Vallacher) and 3) a physicist with expertise in formal descriptions and the modeling of system dynamics (Larry Liebovitch). The team of consultants involved in the project consists of anthropologists, computer scientists, engeneers and social psychologists: Andrea Bartoli, Lan Bui-Wrzosińska, Paweł Haltof, Wiesław Bartkowski & Wojtek Borkowski. The grant has been awarded to test, validate, and revise a theoretical framework of dynamical system theory from the results of case studies, laboratory experiments, and computer simulations.

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